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About Dappsite

Dappsite is a platform to show,sharing,promote Dapp application.

Dapp(Decentralized Application)is a distributed application derived from the ecology of the blockchain platform and a basic service provider in the blockchain world.

In Dappsite you can quickly find all sorts of Dapp applications。Dappsite shows the application's balance, daily activity, transaction volume, transaction trend。Dappsite provides reviews and rating features that allow you to find the Dapp you want more quickly.

If you are a Dapp app developer, you can upload your dapp info.As long as you provide relevant information, Dappsite will synchronize the transaction data of your application and display it with a graph, which can promote your application faster.

Dappsite is committed to providing you with more intuitive and comprehensive Dapp information (showing your Dapp application information).


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